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Gilbert football cake pops

Gilbert Rugby football cake pops

Fonts have their own character. The thinness, the curves, the serif…they give a different feel. Some fonts feel aristocratic, some fonts feel miserly, some give an air of strength. The trick in getting the Gilbert cake pop right, is really getting the text right. It is the star of the ball, and takes centre stage. […]

Christmas cake pops

Christmas cake pop bouquet gift

Christmas and the year-end can be exhausting. There is the busyness, and the partying, the merry-making and the spending sprees. But love is behind the rituals we go through every year. I remind myself to see the thought and sacrifice, and not the stuff; the community, and not the parties. Then, I know my cup […]

Ice cream cake pops as part of a lolly buffet

A&K lolly buffet with cake pops

I’ve done ice cream cake pops a few times so was a little blase about taking the photos. These are the cake pops pictures I took at home. The mom had organised a lolly buffet and the person dressing up the buffet table requested that the cake pops, and its deco, be in pastel colours. […]