Monthly Archives: May 2015

Farm animals, introducing the horse cake pop

horse sheep pig cow hen cake pops

I’ve made cutesy farm animal cake pops before, but this time, a horse has joined the cast. I deliberated about what horse to make, and decided finally on a horse with a white stripe along the face, because I thought it looked ‘farmy’. This is utilising a wet-on-wet technique, so every horse cake pop is […]

Lego cookies (and cake pops and lollies)

Lego head Lego block iced biscuits

“What can you make that is Lego-themed?” a client asked. Well, I’ve made Lego heads cake pops, I said. And Lego lollies. She went for those and she also asked for Lego head iced biscuits and Lego block iced biscuits. When she received the package, she called me a ‘genius’. Woo hoo! *ahem* *beams with […]

Pinocchio cake pops and cookies

Disney's Pinocchio cake pops

  I’ve done Pinocchio cake pops before, but they were the original Pinocchio – an Italian puppet. The Pinocchio I grew up with, is the Disney version. Pinocchio’s story is a beautiful one, a story of redemption, sacrifice and a maker’s unconditional love. I also love this quote from the movie, a rule that I […]

Karate boy cookies and karate cake pops

karate iced biscuits martial arts decorated cookies

I modelled these after the birthday boy, an avid karate student. The cutters are from a set for ninjas, but I adapted them and designed them for karate style iced biscuits. They sure are a lot of piping work but I loved the end result. The mother called these ‘kick ass’ cookies!   Visually, I’m […]

Coral cookies

coral undersea iced biscuits cookies decorated

I love the simplicity of a one colour iced biscuit. There is no waiting in between for the royal icing to dry. These ones were part of an undersea theme, with coral, turquoise and white as the theme colours. I also made octopus cake pops with the same turquoise.