Pinocchio cake pops and cookies

Disney's Pinocchio cake pops


Pinocchio cake pops
Disney’s Pinocchio cake pops

I’ve done Pinocchio cake pops before, but they were the original Pinocchio – an Italian puppet. The Pinocchio I grew up with, is the Disney version.

Pinocchio’s story is a beautiful one, a story of redemption, sacrifice and a maker’s unconditional love. I also love this quote from the movie, a rule that I try to abide by. “Always let your conscience be your guide.”

I was thrilled when the mom approached me to do a Disney version cake pop. I was even more thrilled to find out that one of the best stylists around were styling the event. (Photo credit


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In addition to the Pinocchio cake pops, I also did Pinocchio hat iced biscuits and apple iced biscuits.

Pinocchio hat iced biscuits cookies decorated
Pinocchio theme iced biscuits
Disney's Pinocchio cake pops
Disney’s Pinocchio cake pops