Monthly Archives: June 2015

Pastel bird cake pops

Pastel bird cake pops

Often times, the cake pops are part of a much larger setup, but I’m working ‘blind’ because I don’t see the other elements. The mom sent me the party invite and banner early on so I made the birds based on the invite. She was very happy with the cake pops and sent me the […]

Princess fairy wand cookie pops

Although I make cake pops, and having made thousands of pops, would consider myself an expert at putting things on a stick, I am actually not enamoured of cookie pops. Cookies, to me, look better flat. In fact, a cookie, beautifully and intricately piped, is a celebration of a 2-dimensional piece of art. To add […]

Minecraft cupcakes and Minecraft cake pops

Minecraft cupcakes TNT Steve creeper block pig

The Minecraft them is the bane of many cake decorators. They are made up of pixels! Images must be made up of little cut up blocks and therefore take a long time to finish. I made these together with the Minecraft cake pops, so I followed the same design. The TNT had lines, and the […]

Cake pops gift box

Cake pops gift box birthday present delivered

A good friend wanted to surprise her cousin on her birthday. So she commissioned these cake pops and the cake pops were delivered to the birthday girl on her birthday. I delighted in this project because they were boozy cake pops. I generally don’t drink a lot of alcohol but if I do, I like […]

Australia’s biggest morning tea cake pops

Cancer council biggest morning tea cake pops blue yellow

First, the bad part. I was packing 300 cake pops in 2 hours and had no time to take photos. I hastily grabbed some random pops and placed in a position where there was some light and clicked quickly. A bad photo is nothing Photoshop can fix. *sniff* Photos are all I have of my […]