Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ernie and Bert cake pops

Ernie Bert Oscar Elmo Cookie Monster pop cakes

I’ve done Sesame Street characters several times, but I’ve never done Ernie and Bert. Elmo is probably the most popular character today but I am old school after all, and Elmo was never a thing then. I loved Ernie, with his ever indefatigable spirit, and Bert, with his deadpan patience. There is Abbot and Costello, […]

Jungle animal cake and cupcakes

Cake decorators start with the cake, and then make the cupcakes to compliment the cake. Because people come to for the cake pops, then add on the cake, I do the reverse! Since my favourite version of the jungle animals is already in the cake pop designs, why reinvent the wheel? The client already requested […]

Where the wild things are, vegan cake pops

Where the wild things are cake pops

You might notice this or you might not, but these cake pops aren’t so well shaped. These are vegan cake pops, and it was a last minute request, so to be honest, I struggled a bit trying to get the texture and consistency right with a cake dough that was foreign to me. I also […]