Monthly Archives: March 2016

Kung Fu Panda cake pops

Po Kung Fu Panda cake pops

“There are no accidents,” says theĀ  elderly tortoise to Master Shifu. That’s something I believe in. What you do, you were meant to do. Sometimes when you struggle, you are struggling for a purpose. Just do what drives you, and always strive to be better at it than the day before. Someone else (hint: he […]

Rescue Bot cake pops

“What are Rescue Bots?” I asked my son. “Transformers for kids,” was his reply. The multiple layers of a robot and the angular lines presented a challenge that I happily took up. The mom texted me when she received them via courier, and said they were amazing and she loved them.

Captain America cake pops

shield Captain America cake pops

The cake pop world is a little tough. Few moulds and cutters fit cake pops – they are meant for cupcakes or cakes. In this instance, I had to find the tiniest star and round cutters possible to make this shield, just about the size of a 5 cent coin. Even then, the star is […]

Lightning Mcqueen cake pops

So I was quite proud of these, until my inhouse critic said, “They are too fat.” Yes, I know Lightning Mcqueen is more slim-lined. But the fact is that you can’t mould cake too thin without it breaking on you. You could try if you made the cake very gummy, but my cake isn’t like […]

Comic superhero cookies

Boy, I loved these cookies. It was really fun planning and laying out the colour scheme, the overlay patterns (that signature rustic comic look) and the matching fondant colours. I would have done KAPOW! as well, except they these are 5cm rounds, and the word KAPOW! would be too long to fit nicely. These cookies […]

Gold cake pops

Isn’t there something about the gleam of gold that sets you off? Gets your heart going this little bit faster and your eyes open just a little bit wider? Gold has a value that isn’t artificially assigned to it (Paper money is only worth what’s assigned to it) That’s why gold is favoured by commodity […]