Jake and the Neverland pirates version 2.0

Jake and the Neverland pirates cake pop

I am sometimes a tad embarressed about the pops I made when I was starting out a few years ago. I was so proud of them when I first did them, but now I see every crooked piping, every bumpy cake pop. These Jake and the Pirates cake pops were made several years apart.

It’s a natural thing, I know, to progress and improve. Indeed, if I look at it positively, it’s a testament to how far I’ve come! My style has also changed because nowadays, I have better equipment and import some materials from the US. I also do more 3D for characters instead of painting on all the details like I used to. For these version 2.0 cake pops, I moulded the faces, piped on the noses and mouth, as opposed to painting on everything onto a flat surface.

However, I think drawing the details on makes them resemble cartoon characters more. It’s like how 3D toys can never exactly look like the cartoon characters.


Jake and the Neverland pirates cake pops