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Disney princesses cake pops

Disney princess cake pops

  I tried to make the dresses as per the actual princess gowns. Since they were all for one party, I wanted to give each its own flair. Jasmine got a luster sparkle, Ariel got edible pink glitter, Cinderella got a silver sparkle and Snow White got a shiny glaze. I love Belle’s gown most […]

Elsa crown cake pops

Elsa crown cake pops Frozen tiara

This Frozen crown ones challenged my piping skills a bit at first. Trying to pipe chocolate on a spherical surface before the chocolate cools and hardens completely in the piping bag is a pain, I tell you. It’s a good thing I love challenges. I had to throw away a number of cake pops because […]

Shopkins themed cake pops

Shopkins cake pops

Sometimes, a design doesn’t need to be that complicated. Putting hands and legs and painting eyes on cake pops increases the time to make them tremendously, and that corresponds with an increase in price. After all, I get paid per hour, just like anyone else. A true blue Shopkins fan will know these are Shopkins […]