What we can’t do…

Su is a bit finicky and set in her ways. Because she is where the buck stops, this is what we do and don’t do :

What we won’t do

  • We don’t freeze cakes (some people say you can’t tell the difference, but Su can)
  • We don’t make our cake pop dough gummy enough to be machine-rolled (because Su hates gummy cake pops), so yes, they are all hand-rolled
  • Ditto with our cookie dough, they are made from scratch, hand rolled and cut
  • We don’t make our cake pops last for ages, because we believe they are meant to be eaten fresh

What we do …

  • We use free-range and only free-range eggs
  • we use real vanilla flavouring (this costs us twice as much as imitation, but Su wants the real thing)
  • We use real chocolate in our ganache. No compound or cooking chocolate, no siree. In the case of dark chocolate, ours is 70% cocoa.
  • We use premium fondant in our cookies – because Su isn’t a fan of fondant, unless it’s well-made fondant

Because of the above, we can’t whip up products overnight – they are baked for you when you actually make the order. This sends us into a little frenzy sometimes, but like we said, Su can be a little set in her ways.