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Pokemon Pokeball cake pops

Pokeball cake pop Pokemon Go

Right now, the three males in my family are catching Pokemon. Number One came back from school on the first day of term to say the talk was all about Pokemon Go. Number Two has always been into Pokemon the card game, but is now exploring his surroundings looking for Pokemon. And the third male […]

Blue ombre cake pops

Blue Ombre cake pops

You’d think that something plain is the easiest to do. Not quite. Eg A plain cake covered in fondant will expose all the potential bumps and imperfections. It actually takes great skill to make something completely plain, and have it perfect! Plain round cake pops are not easy to do either. My cake isn’t very […]

Colourful cake pops

Multicolour cake pops

Isn’t it miraculous how happy bright coloured things make us? The top pops were made for a bash for Starkey Australia. The brief was colourful, and I think these hit the sweet spot. These ones below were similar cake pops made for another occasion. They are not the same cake pops because these ones are […]