Colourful cake pops

Multicolour cake pops

Brightly coloured cake pops

Multicolour cake pops

Isn’t it miraculous how happy bright coloured things make us? The top pops were made for a bash for Starkey Australia. The brief was colourful, and I think these hit the sweet spot.

These ones below were similar cake pops made for another occasion. They are not the same cake pops because these ones are standing upright, and you can’t just turn them upside down. they won’t sit right. They have to be made according to how they will be displayed.

Personally, I favour the upright ones better for this style, because they show off their colours and sprinkles better when upright, with the view unencumbered by the stick.

Note the glasses and jars they are sitting in. People often ask me how to display pops, and if they don’t need to be perfectly upright, recycled jars is all you need!

Colourful sprinkle cake pops Colourful cake pops