Thomas the train cake

Thomas the train cake

I have a problem with cakes. I can’t stop fiddling with them. Until it is picked up, I’ll be ironing out the flaws, adding more flowers, moving the stones, etc etc etc. And then when they are picked up, I feel like someone took my precious away and there is a gap in my life.

Cakes can be terribly expensive because the materials are not cheap (which you will know if you have tried to make a fondant cake yourself and added up the cost) and some decorations or shaping and moulding are very time consuming. Fondant figurines, are in my opinion, are not necessary if you are on a budget. Complex ones take hours to make, and if you input the minimum wage per hour, plus materials, you are looking at a very expensive topper that won’t be eaten anyway.

So I often recommend placing a toy. You even get to play with it after!

Thomas the train cake Thomas the tank engine cake

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