Grumpy cat cake pops

Instagram grumpy cat cake pop

Grumpy cat cake pops

I’m a bit clueless, but when my teenager saw this, he said, “Hey, that’s the grumpy cat!”

“The Grumpy Cat?” I asked. I just followed a pix that was sent to me, of A grumpy cat.

“Yes, it’s all over Instagram,” he said, rolling his eyes at my lack of education.

I was struggling with it, so was fairly happy he recognised it. Making animals are pretty easy, making animals with expressions are super tough. How do you make a face grumpy? It’s harder than one would initially think, and not as easy as just putting a mouth with sides turned down. A state of ‘grumpy’ is reflected not only in a mouth, but in the shape of the eyes, the frown, the mouth and the contours of the face.