Monthly Archives: October 2016

Baby shower iced biscuits

Custom cookie sydney

I love royal icing and I think have fallen in love with them all over again. Yes, fondant biscuits can look very pretty but there is something about the smoothness and the rounded edges of royal icing but makes me swoon. Also,  I think royal icing tastes much better than fondant! These biscuits I have […]

Sparkly cake pops

glitter gold silver sparkle cake pops Sydney Australia

I can’t describe how these catch the light. It’s like a disco ball being lit up. It’s like a thousand carat diamond. These gold and silver cake pops sparkle and glitter and almost seem alive. I don’t think the photos do it justice, but I went to town with the photos anyway.    

Disco party cookies

Disco party cookies music star

I love how loud disco parties are. If you are going to have a party, might as well make it in hot pink and of course, bling! Don’t forget to end the party by eating your microphones. I mean, microphone cake pops.