Christmas cake pops 2016

Aussie Christmas cake pops gift set 2016

Aussie Christmas cake pops gift set 2016

I am not a naturally very creative person. I know people who just have it in their bones, and can whip up designs in their sleep. I am not one of those people.

My best subject in school was chemistry. I graduated with a business and economics degree. I spent a good part of my career in financial journalism.

I do love pretty and clever things, and it is this love which has pushed me to try and constantly make beautiful food. It still doesn’t come easy. I spent a lot of time at the planning stage. I go through several rounds, where I do something, not fall in love with it, ditch what I make, and start over.

So when I make something I do like, I am pretty chuffed. These Christmas cake pops and Christmas cookies are my ode to the Aussie Christmas. We don’t have snowflakes. We don’t have penguins. We do have great beach and party weather!

Christmas cake pops gift set 2016