Logie award cake pops

So I have done quite a few things in my career, but this was one of my biggest challenges. It’s a good thing I do love a challenge. There is nothing like climbing a hill and then conquering it and realising that few things in life are really impossible.

I nearly gave up on this one though. When designing cake pops, the cake pops must be stable, so they can be transported around without parts of them falling off. This may sound a bit paranoid on my part, but the truth is that when there are things jutting out, all these outlying parts need is a little bump for them to break off. I reinforced that Logie, which is less than 5 cm tall.

The cake pops must also be sturdy and the cake must not fall off the stick. It is a bit tough for a flat piece of cake to stay on a stick when dunked into chocolate, which tends to be pretty heavy. For this reason, a round shape suits a cake pop best, and cake can only be generally stretched so thin before it breaks. Yes, that is not a macaron or an Oreo at the bottom, it is cake.

I also had to create a seamless look between the Logie figurine (fondant) and the cake pop (cake coated in chocolate).

And yes, everything you see here was hand made.

  Logie award cake pops

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