Learning about cake pops all day long!

Cake pop class Sydney

Cake pops comprehensive class

Yes, it was an all day affair because we made 24 cake pops from scratch. I think my classes take pretty long, because I talk too much! On the bright side, this is because I believe people have taken the time and spent the money to learn from me, and I hope to disseminate as much info as I can within the time we have. I’m also pretty technical – my aim is not to just end up with a dozen or 2 of pretty looking cake pops, I want everyone to understand why they are doing the things they do. Then, if the environment they face is different when making cake pops another time, they will know why it is so.

Two of the students in this class came from quite far – one from Orange and one from Newcastle. I was amazed that people would travel that far to get to this class.

Was on a high when some students wrote back after to say how much they enjoyed it. Donna commented on the Facebook page : “Thank you so much, the class was so informative, I got so much out of it and well worth the trip from Orange! My family couldn’t believe their eyes when I showed them all the different varieties of cake pops I’d made in 1 day! Can’t wait until I can book in for another class.”