Snapchat puppy filter


The design of any cake pop has to take into account how it will be transported and displayed. If it will just be sitting pretty until someone takes it out of its stand, then I can go all out. In this Snapchat filter cake pops’ case, they were going to be in a clear cello bag with ribbons and handed out as surprises to the guests. I had to reign in my inclination to do gravity-defying feats with the bunny ears and such (though I could not resist making the dog’s ears stand up!)


Snapchat flower filter cake pops

This floral headband is my favourite of the lot. If only you could see it live, it was soooooo sweet and pretty, They are arguably the most time consuming of the lot too, as those flowers had to be moulded one by one, and placed on one by one with the leaves.



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