Branded cookies

Aveeno Baby cookies

Aveeno Baby onesie cookies

I love unique gifts, and cookies like these show how far you can go with a personalised and custom-made biscuit.

The lavender is the colour for the Aveeno Baby range. The logo was made with a custom-made stencil and is stencilled directly onto the cookie – no use of edible image prints here. Edible images are useful to get the most accurate representation of a logo, but it can be clunky and you lose the seamless look. If we wanted to make the logo appear flat on the baby onesie, it could have been airbrushed too, but I like the added dimension that stencilled royal icing gives. Because they were handing out 2 each, I suggested to alternate the colours so you have a ‘set’ there and it adds a bit of interest.