Our treats are made the traditional way, baked from scratch with free-range  eggs and premium ingredients. We do not add preservatives.



Most of our baked goods (unless otherwise specified as gluten-friendly) are made with wheat flour and contain gluten. They are also commonly baked with fresh eggs, milk, cream and butter. We use butter in our buttercream, we do not use shortening or vegetable oil substitutes. Chocolate is also a key ingredient in many products. 

As such, common allergens are

Wheat (gluten), Dairy (milk, butter), Eggs, Soy. May contain traces of nuts. 

We do make gluten-friendly (GF) bakes – these are made without gluten-containing ingredients, but baked on premise and equipment where we make a lot of gluten based cakes and cookies daily, and as such, any GF bakes may contain traces of gluten.  As such, they may not be suitable for coeliacs. 

These are general guidelines, if specific needs are involved, please seek clarification about your particular product.

All products may also contain the following depending on the design : food colouring, flavouring, sprinkles and other embellishments. As this varies based on design, please email info@popolate.com.au if there are specific allergies and you need more information. 


Popolate : Shop 4, 110 Galston Road, Hornsby Heights, NSW 2077