Personalised stamped cookies

Personalised cookies Australia


Technology is a beautiful thing. We can now print custom cookie cutters inhouse, in any shape and size, and a wide variety of fonts. The great thing about custom cookie cutter stamps is that it makes the embossing consistent every single time. The beautiful fonts fill up the cookie and are made to fit the shape and size of the cookie.

The cookies below are made with a standard cookie stamp. These offer a great alternative, but you can’t adjust the size, so you’d need to pick the right sized cookie.

Watercolour marbled cookies


Personalised birthday placecard cookies

PowerPuff girls cake pops

Power Puff Girls cake pops Cartoon Network

Power Puff Girls cake pops Cartoon Network

Any show that features kickass girl heroes gets my vote and when Cartoon Network called to get their famous girls in cake pops, I was eager to give it a go. Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup are rather painstaking to do – the eyes are made layer upon layer, and the hair and pony tails all hand-shaped and applied in stages. The trick to them is really getting the eyes right, and this means the dimensions and proportion of each section. Trust me, I initially made the black circles a little bigger than they should be, and they looked wrong.

These celebrated the launch of Power Puff girls pajamas at Peter Alexander.

Mexican Fiesta cookies and cake pops

Mexican fiesta cookies

Another theme that has been perenially popular is the fiesta.

These cookies and cake pops were made for a bright and colourful Mexican themed desserts display for the Sweet Expo in Sydney, styled by Pumpkin Carriage Events.I was chuffed to be a part of an A-list of vendors, and to have my cookies and cake pops at the Sydney expo.

(Photography by Zoom Images. )


Mexican fiesta party Mexican fiesta party Mexican fiesta party

Here is my own shot of the cookies. Had so much fun with this one, the colours are just so snazzy! There is a gold finish to the sombrero and the pineapples. The fiesta wording on the cookie, in case you didn’t catch it, is a replica of the sign. (Yes, Lopa the stylist sent me the artwork for inspiration)

Mexican fiesta cookies

These two were made for Stephanie of El Evento. I think the toughest part of these were the little jalapenos on the top of the sombrero cake pops. They were tiny!

Mexican Fiesta cookies Mexican sombrero cake pops

More unicorn treats for parties

Rainbow unicorn cookies

Rainbow unicorn cookies

The big question for cakers going into 2018 was, is the unicorn theme still going strong? Well in the first few weeks of 2018, I have been making unicorn cake pops and unicorn cookies every week, so I guess that question is answered!

Some are repeats, but these are small variations to the ones I have already posted up.


Pastel and gold unicorn cookies

Purple and pink unicorns cake pops

Peppa Pig biscuits

Peppa Pig, George and his dinosaur

Peppa Pig cookies

Characters are actually one of the most difficult things to do in piped biscuits. You need a whole lot of precision, something that I don’t really have the patience for. If the mouth is 1 degree off its actual spot, the character isn’t quite right anymore.

Fortunately, Peppa and her family is one of the easier characters to do.


Peppa Pig, George and his dinosaurPeppa

Branded cookies

Aveeno Baby cookies

Aveeno Baby onesie cookies

I love unique gifts, and cookies like these show how far you can go with a personalised and custom-made biscuit.

The lavender is the colour for the Aveeno Baby range. The logo was made with a custom-made stencil and is stencilled directly onto the cookie – no use of edible image prints here. Edible images are useful to get the most accurate representation of a logo, but it can be clunky and you lose the seamless look. If we wanted to make the logo appear flat on the baby onesie, it could have been airbrushed too, but I like the added dimension that stencilled royal icing gives. Because they were handing out 2 each, I suggested to alternate the colours so you have a ‘set’ there and it adds a bit of interest.

Snapchat cake pops

Snapchat puppy filter

Snapchat puppy filter


The design of any cake pop has to take into account how it will be transported and displayed. If it will just be sitting pretty until someone takes it out of its stand, then I can go all out. In this Snapchat filter cake pops’ case, they were going to be in a clear cello bag with ribbons and handed out as surprises to the guests. I had to reign in my inclination to do gravity-defying feats with the bunny ears and such (though I could not resist making the dog’s ears stand up!)


Snapchat flower filter cake pops

This floral headband is my favourite of the lot. If only you could see it live, it was soooooo sweet and pretty, They are arguably the most time consuming of the lot too, as those flowers had to be moulded one by one, and placed on one by one with the leaves.



My Little Pony cake pops and cake

Fluttershy cake pops


So all this obsession with unicorns and rainbows of late, reminded me that I hadn’t posted this one yet. Fluttershy of My Little Pony, while not a unicorn, basks in rainbows all day.

She is a toughie to make. The hair goes on strip by strip of fondant. The eyes are painted white, then blue, then black, then white and then black is used to outline and add eyelashes. Repeat with other eye.

Luckily this cake I made skipped all that with the use of toys as toppers. For this piece, I loved airbrushing the clouds, or rather airbrushing the sky and adding the subtle gradients. I think nothing beats an airbrush for a sky with clouds.


My little pony rainbow cake


Christmas treats

Christmas cookies 2017

We specialise in custom treats throughout the year, but at this time of the year, I get requests for a “Christmas catalogue.’ So here it is!


Please remember to place your bookings in early.











Emoji cake pops

Emoji cake pops

Emoji cake pops

In my day, we called these emoticons. I could never remember anything beyond the smile, the sad face and the laugh.  🙂 🙁 :)). Trying to do the devil or the prayer was beyond me.

Nowadays, you get them all animated and at a click of a button. And they even made a movie out of it!