We pride ourselves in being Sydney’s premier cake pop artisans. Not all cake pops are made equal. The recipes are made specially for cake pops, and not made with cake off-cuts. The specially formulated recipe ensures that the cakes are moist, rich and delectable but not sticky or gummy. The cake pops are hand rolled so you get a bigger portion that presents better.

Why cake pops?

Cake pops are so versatile and charming. Parties, weddings, baby showers, christenings and engagement parties – cake pops are perfect for all these and more. They have been sent as birthday presents and thank-you gifts and bonbonnieres.

* The ability to custom-make means that you can match the goods to your party’s theme, or wedding gown colours or selected dietary requirements

* They are 3D, which adds to their charm. Character cake pops almost look like little edible toys.

* They offer perfect bite-sized portions – no fuss with cutting cakes and cupcake wrappers

* Our round cake pops, individually wrapped, are hardy enough to be popped into a bag or lolly bag. (doesn’t apply to fragile designs) There is no mess with icings, as would happen with a cupcake packed away and tossed about. And they don’t come out crushed, like a cookie might.

* Because the cake is completely sealed in the chocolate coating, they last longer than ordinary cake, and they don’t dry out

* You can easily personalise with all sorts of wrappings and tags

Don’t see what you are after? There’s more in the gallery page but they are all custom made anyway and we love a challenge! Email us at info@popolate.com.au