Custom-made cakes and cupcakes

Pikachu cake

For your special events and celebrations, create something unique and personal. Whether it’s your loved one’s birthday, wedding anniversary or any other social gathering, we can provide custom made cakes that show the personal touch and thought that has gone into the event.

Nothing makes up for quality ingredients – at Popolate, we use the finest ingredients, including couverture chocolate, for the taste that tantalizes the taste buds. We love our technology as well – we can print edible images of your choice, use airbrushing techniques and create custom cutters and stencils for those unique shapes.

My little pony rainbow cake


Cookie cake Sydney






Rainbow chocolate spheres cake



Ironman cake Sydney



We also Provide Custom Cupcakes

Want it pink? Or blue? Or pink and blue? You can have it any colour when it’s made just for you.