[toggle title=”Allergy advice”]…None of our standard flavours of cupcakes or cake pops (any flavours that go into a mixed box) are nut based flavours. (However, we may do special nut based flavours in store from time to time)

Most of our treats use butter, eggs, flour and chocolate thus contain gluten, soy, dairy, eggs. Macarons are gluten-free by ingredients but contain almonds.

We can produce treats that are gluten-free or nut-free or egg-free by ingredient but due to the presence in the bakery, all products may contain traces of nuts, eggs and gluten.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How much notice do you need?”]…We take all orders with a week’s notice, anything less than a week will depend on how busy we are. If it is a simple product, it can be done in 2 days, very customised designs will take a longer period.  [/toggle] [toggle title=”Is there a minimum order of designs?”]…There is a minimum order of 12 per item per design/colour/flavour  (unless they are custom gift packs)[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you do custom designs?”]…Most of the items pictured in the gallery were custom made and made for the first time, so yes, we do![/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you deliver?”]…Yes, we use a same day courier for a $22 flat rate to metro Sydney areas for cake pops and cookies. We can deliver cupcakes and cakes but as they are more fragile and require a special door to door courier, the cost is much higher and depends on the distance. You are always welcome to arrange your own courier. This can be done locally via agents like GoPeople or Zoom2u. Please visit popolate.com.au/delivery for details

We can ship supplies (eg brushes and palettes) interstate, but due to administrative issues, we no longer arrange for food items to be shipped interstate. You are welcome to arrange your own courier to pickup from us and we can pack it for you. Couriers can be arranged via shipping agents like Interparcel.com.au or Pack and Send. Most cake pops or cookies can be couriered safely when the pops are packed well, but some fragile designs won’t travel well interstate and we will let you know if these cannot be shipped. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How do we pick up our cake?”]…You can pick up an order anytime during the store operating hours. It is helpful to have a rough time so we know when to pack it ready for your collection. Additionally, as we know parties happen on Sundays too, we have a window on Sunday between 8.30-9am for cake pickups. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How long do the treats last?”]…We do not add preservatives in any of our goods, so cakes are best consumed fresh. If kept out of the fridge, we recommend consuming within a day, otherwise you can refrigerate for 5 days to a week. Cookies should not be refrigerated but stored in an air tight container. If they are in sealed bags, they will stay fresh for a month. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you have wrapping options?”]…We have a variety of bags/ribbons/boxes and treats can be individually packaged for a fee.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are there bulk discounts?”]…There are bulk discounts on quantities of over a hundred in the same design. Otherwise all prices are fixed as we believe we offer great value given the premium ingredients we use and time taken to produce our designs.[/toggle]


5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Jennifer Willson says:

    How much would it cost to have 20 of your clown cake pops made. I would need them for the 8th September and can come and pick them up.


  2. Elena says:

    Hi! How much would The Ricky Gervais show cake pops cost? And The Lego Blocks Lollypops? I would need them for the 28th September. Thanks

  3. Lauren Eldeir says:


    I would like to enquire about ordering some cake pops for my daughters christening being held first week of November 2013. We are having a chintz bunting/butterfly theme. Could you please email me for some further info.

    Ta 🙂

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