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  2. Hi I made a Kia cake for my son back in January. Your cakes look more put together. I am going to be making my 4 year old daughter a Nya birthday cake. If you don’t mind asking how you made your cake, please?

    When I made my son’s cake it did start to sweat. I appreciate your time. Thanks

  3. It just sticks to the chocolate. I used buttercream fondant – it’s a bit softer (not to mention, yummier) – maybe that makes a difference.

  4. Hi, your pops are great, would you be interested in selling some for my daughter’s party? how could i get hold of you?

  5. I love these. I’m having a Jake and The Neverland Pirate party in a few weeks and these will be perfect for them. I just wish I would order them already made.

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  9. Hi there I noticed your in Sydney , I’m in the uk I love the jake and the pirates theme . Is there any one you can recommend that does these or do u supply to the uk if possible . Thanks again Georgina

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  14. Oh my that cake looks adorable and I love the ptetry china. Can you Blog the cake recipe or is it a Pink Possum secret? I love your new header too! That is very cute. xx

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  18. I do this at my work, and we bake it in a muffin tin and it turns out very well. I just staertd making it for my family, and they all really enjoy it, even my little brother, who is very picky. Thanks for the recipe (Could never remember the one from work) 😉

  19. Hi
    How much would it cost to have 20 of your clown cake pops made. I would need them for the 8th September and can come and pick them up.


  20. Hi! How much would The Ricky Gervais show cake pops cost? And The Lego Blocks Lollypops? I would need them for the 28th September. Thanks

  21. Hello,

    I would like to enquire about ordering some cake pops for my daughters christening being held first week of November 2013. We are having a chintz bunting/butterfly theme. Could you please email me for some further info.

    Ta 🙂

  22. You did such an amazing job! They looked great and everybody could not stop talking about them at the party! Not only do they look awesome but they were delicious too!
    Thank you Popolate! Bohemia was very grateful! 🙂

  23. If I order these cake pops in 2 dozen can I get them by June 1st as my son birthday is on Sunday .

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  26. hello
    i would make this popcake for my daughter.
    for her first bday!! and their are so cute!!
    but how do you make the nose and what is that pink??

    greets jessica

  27. Hi Su, It’s so wonderful to see these on your blog. You did a fantastic job of taking a slightly odd and unusual request and magically turning it into fabulous cake pops! The birthday girl and all her friends absolutely loved them. I was really impressed with your attention to detail and fast turnaround time especially as I came to you only a week before the big event. Thank you again – you’re a genius!