Marbled four colour cake pops

As all the pops are custom made, please email with your design and quantities and date, and I will give you a quote. The biggest factor involved is the design – an intricate or colourful design takes double or triple (or 10 times!) the amount of time as a plain one. 

Meanwhile, as a guide :

Cake pops

Fixed price

Classic cake pops : (a tiered discount applies for 50 pieces and above in the same design and colour)

Sprinkle cake pops

Pink shades cake pops

Round cake pops with a dash of non-pareils (sprinkles) – $2.60
Round cake pops with piped swirls (matte colour, max 2 colours) – $2.90
Minimum 10 per design/colour
(All prices are inclusive of GST)

Designer cake pops :

Shaped cake pops – from $3.80, depending on shape, detail and material.

Animals – from $4, depending on shape, detail and material.

Characters and faces : from $5, depending on shape, detail and material

Detailed characters (with signature hair/make up, etc) – from $6

Full body characters – from $5.50, depending on detail


(All prices are inclusive of GST)

Pricing for royal icing cookies will depend on the number of colours and the detail of the design. In general, it starts from $3.30 for a small (less than 5cm), one to two colour iced biscuit in a simple shape. Most medium sized cookies (6-8 cm at longest point) are $4 and above, again vary depending on intricacy of design and number of colours. Bulk discounts apply for large quantities in the same design. To be more economical, themed cookies are best made as sets, which involve a mix of more complex ‘highlight’ designs and simpler matching designs.


Approx 4.5cm diameter – $3 each 

Minimum order of 20. Tiered discounted pricing applies for quantities above 50.

Good to know

There is a minimum of 10 per design/colour for the standard quoted price. This is because small amounts result in a high amount of wastage. The 10 minimum can be flexible if the pops/cookies share the same colour scheme. Sets can be done but are priced differently.

I sell direct with a no frills based pricing because I love this model for its simplicity. I don’t up my prices so I can create excitement when I discount them, and prices don’t have to take into account commissions to middle parties. Custom orders reduce wastage, which is translated into more efficient pricing for all.

Bulk discounts are available (refer above) but are minimal – most of the cost of the handmade product would lie in the time taken to make it, and intricate pops cannot be done much faster, even in large quantities.

With a no-frills costing, you don’t pay for what you don’t need, but extras (e.g. wrapping, ribbons, tags) incur extra cost.