Fixed price items

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Custom designs pricing guideline

Please note this is a rough guide, designs vary a lot based on colour and intricacy, so please get in touch for a more accurate quote. The biggest factor involved is the design – an intricate or colourful design takes double or triple (or 10 times) the amount of time as a plain one.

Cakes :

Buttercream – starts from $65 for a mini standard (non-custom) cake; custom cakes will vary depending on design, but as a general guide, starts at $100 for a 6 inch

Fondant finish, mud cake : starts from $150 for the smallest size (6 inch), will vary based on the decorations required 

Cookies/cake pops/macarons :

Animal/ shaped  – from $4.50 each
Characters and faces : from $7 each
Detailed characters (with signature hair/make up, etc) – from $10 each

Good to know

We use premium ingredients for our products, because we want them to taste good as well as look good. Happiness comes twice, once when you feast with your eyes, and the second time when the treats are devoured. We bake from scratch. 

For cookies/cake pops/macarons, there is a minimum of 12 per design/colour for the standard quoted price. This is because small amounts result in a high amount of wastage. 

Bulk discounts are available for quantities above 100 in the same design, unless design is very labour intensive…intricate pops or hand piped cookies in particular cannot be done much faster, even in large quantities.

With a no-frills costing, you don’t pay for what you don’t need, but extras (e.g. wrapping, ribbons, tags) incur extra cost.