Allergy advice

…The main ingredients for cake pops are cake and chocolate, so they will contain the following :
Gluten, soy, dairy, eggs

Cookies contain

Gluten, dairy, eggs (soy, if made with fondant as a topping)

Macarons are gluten-free but contain almonds

We do not use nuts as an ingredient in any of the cake pops. However, chocolate and most cookies (eg, Oreos, which are in the cookies and cream flavour) come with the allergen warning that traces of nuts may be present.

Due to the above, all products may contain traces of nuts and gluten.

…A week’s notice, two weeks if the amount is above 50 pieces. However, the earlier the notice, the better. Some dates I am booked out months in advance. On the other hand, some dates I have gaps up to the very last minute, so enquire anyway! 

Is there a minimum order of designs?

…There is a minimum order of 20 cake pops per order, and a minimum of 10 per design (unless they are custom gift packs)

Do you do custom designs?

…Most of the pops pictured on this website were custom made and made for the first time. I love a challenge so hit me!

Do you deliver?

…Yes. I use a same day door-to-door courier for metro Sydney areas. For interstate, I use an overnight express courier. Most cake pops can be couriered safely when the pops are packed well, but some fragile designs won’t travel well interstate due to the additional depots and flights.

What is the size of the pop?

…A round standard one is about 1.5 inches in diameter.

How many pops do you recommend?

…Cakes are meant to be airy and light and they capture air and rise in the oven. Cake pops are the reverse – they are dense balls of cake mixed with icing. While they may look small, one cake pop is the equivalent of one small slice of cake or a cupcake. I suggest one to two cake pops per guest.

How can I display them?

…The ones that stand ‘down’ (cocktail style) can stand on any flat platter. The more traditional cake pops require something to stand ‘up’ in. You can use glasses or jars with the appropriate height, or fill jars with pebbles or marble or shredded material to help the sticks stand. Alternatively, I currently have some disposable cake pop stands that hold 12 pops each or 30 pops each. (while stocks last)

How long do the pops keep?

…They keep for a few days outside the fridge in ambient temps of mid-20s. On heatwave days, they would need to be refrigerated or in an air-conditioned room. In the fridge, they keep for a week. Keep them in an airtight container (to avoid the chocolate ‘sweating’). Because the cake is sealed inside the chocolate, they don’t dry out as a cake would.

Can I have a mix of flavours?

…As the cakes are baked to order, you can opt for one flavour for every 20 pops.

Do you have wrapping options?

…They can be individually wrapped for a fee. On a buffet table, they look better without any wrapping. If they are meant to be taken away, then it’s best to be in a cello bag. Not all designs suit being rolled about in a lolly bag however – for example, a rabbit with modelling chocolate ears may have the ears break off.


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  1. Hi
    How much would it cost to have 20 of your clown cake pops made. I would need them for the 8th September and can come and pick them up.


  2. Hi! How much would The Ricky Gervais show cake pops cost? And The Lego Blocks Lollypops? I would need them for the 28th September. Thanks

  3. Hello,

    I would like to enquire about ordering some cake pops for my daughters christening being held first week of November 2013. We are having a chintz bunting/butterfly theme. Could you please email me for some further info.

    Ta 🙂

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